28 juin 2007

Prologue - Frome timelessness to Affective Sustainability

Very early on when my interest in design was not professional, I was fascinated by objects and buildings, which seemed to have some kind of eternal appeal. Why then this fascination? Unlike many young people I was never fixated with the new or the latest version of everything but neither did I have an interest in old things as such. Everything that worked aesthetically and functionally appeared very appealing, regardless of age. I was in effect a very early devotee of eclecticism, which to me was exactly that: combining... [Lire la suite]

28 juin 2007

Abstract of my thesis

The phenomenon of timelessness has important connotations beyond its popular meaning. Although philosophical, timelessness is frequently applied to objects: there are various suggestions concerning the properties of a timeless object in literature and popular publications, but there is no apparent unanimity on how to realise these characteristics. The approach to sustainable development has broadened, but the impact of immaterial properties of objects needs to be further explored.       This thesis... [Lire la suite]
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28 juin 2007

Read the whole thesis

To read and download the whole thesis, go to www.borjesson-mk.se to retrieve a password.
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