This is a research site belonging to me, Kristina Borjesson, and dedicated to the designed object and its contribution to a holistic sustainable development. Sustainable development has developed into something of a buzz-word and its meaning has consequently become obscured.  The word 'holistic' , which should serve as a reminder that sustainability depends on coordinated transdisciplinary actions, has become part of the buzz.  I focused initially on the designed object but as a result of continued research it has become evident to enlarge the scope to include the 'designed environment', which is made up of a number of artefacts imposing themselves on nature, for better or for worse. What is for the benefit of humans long term is of course sustainable. A sustainable development would thus mean a human development and design and architecture ought consequently to focus more on design, body and mind.   

The aim of this site is to present and discuss my research and related issues, starting with my vision and further developing the focus, Affective Sustainability, of my PhD thesis (2006) from Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design, The University of the Arts London (UAL). Different research papers as well as other relevant documents will from time to time also be available here.

There are useful lists of references to be found in papers and articles under the heading 'Recently published papers' and - of course - in my thesis.

This site is one way for me to share my knowledge and experience, to start dialogues and to avoid that my thesis is gathering dust on a bookshelf. I hope you will find it interesting and I look forward to comments and dialogues.