What have I been up to since March 2010?

In spring I was part of the planning of the project Connecting Stockholm - an exhibition at the Museum of Architecture in Stockholm in September. The exhibition was created whilst exhibited by 'the human beings' making up Urban Nouveau, a group of young international architects with a vision: humanizing the built and planned environment. Connecting Stockholm explored the implementation of a new urban strategy for the Swedish capital: how to create a whole of the city and its surbubs which would allow a multidirectional flow instead of the current one-directional: all routes lead to the city center - and that is all! Read more on www.urbannoveau.com

During the entire period, I have explored the mutual interests of anthropology, design and architecture together with Inculture, a company specialised in applied anthropology. You will find one of the results under 006 Recently Published Papers.

The 2011 edition of Designboost took place in Stockholm in February 2011: Design beyond Design. For the first time, one of the Boost days was designated to Media, which gave rise to new approches in discussions on scene and in pauses: do we spread knowledge - or do we merely create wishful identities and new communities? More on www.designboost.se The Boost year for Design Beyond Design will see a Miniboost in Eindhoven October 28 and another in San Fransisco November 7, before coming to an end. 

I have continued to be part of Clear Village's think team. In March 2011 we created Dynamic Dialogues for the city of Helsingborg in Sweden: workshops inviting people from the city, of varying ages and representing different activities. A majority of the inhabitants had in an investigation declared that they did not feel invited to the cultural events on offer, paid for by their tax money! Dynamic Dialogues will be continued this forthcoming November, read more on www.clear-village.org

Finally, my book is now under writing!! Read more under Vision continued and Update: My Future Research.