09 février 2010

Clear Village.

Clear Village,a foundation aiming at building a knowledge base concerning durable human living conditions and putting it to practical use in planning projects anywhere in the world.Anywhere implies lobbing through different bodies and professional events but also hands-on involvement in real life projects. I am since the beginning of this year a member of Clear Village's supporting Think Team. It is going to be an interesting journey, which I look very much forward to.Read more: www.clear-village.org
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09 février 2010

My consultancy.

Besides my research, I see a wide field of practical application oportunities for the knowledge and experience I have gathered and developed.Having spent most of my professional life outside academia, it feels very obvious to take a step back into the world of businesses and organisations as a consultant. Read my presentation:Presentation_of_Markona
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01 février 2010

Meaning: Making sense also of non-sense.

Meaning: Making sense also of non-sense. Position paper presented at CEPHAD: The Borderland between Philosophy and Design Research, in Copenhagen, 26-29 January, 2010. CEPHAD_Borjesson
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