Design for Life.
The 3rd main Designboost event; Design for Life, took place in Malmö 14 -16 october 2009.
The adjoining Boost Show continued in 'The Sustainable Hub' in Malmö's West Habour until 15 November.
Designboost has dedicated this 'boost' year up to October 2010 to a variety of questions of major concern for  a better quality of life. The central idea of 'sharing design knowledge' is based on a firm belief that to share is to raise consciousness and to combine existing knowledge for new insights.
An One-day Desingboost is taking place in Stockholm, Arkitekturmuseum, 12 February. The invited audience  has a more clear emphasis on practising designers and architects, whilst the October event saw a more mixed audience of design professionals, academics, students, politicians, media and business people.

I made a Boost Talk at the October event together with Katharina Graffman, PhD in Anthropology and founder of Inculture. We also wrote an article for the Designboost Magazine on the Talk theme: Design against More is Design for Life.


To the same magazine, I further contributed with a short article reflecting on Quality.