Already in my doctorial thesis, I mentioned my intention of writing a handbook facilitating understanding by mentally visualising affective sustainability.

Through a series of workshops, seminars and conferences I have had the opportunity to refine affective sustainability as a concept and further develop the characteristics of this quality and possible ways to arrive at these through design. This research is now entering its final phase with another series of workshops with practising designers and MA design students but also discussions with R&D managers in a selection of companies producing industrial designs. These discussions will focus on the number of new products introduced every year and their median life cycle in the company's range.  Furthermore, if lower sale figures are compensated by lower R&D costs, where would a slimmed range but with a longer life cycle contribute to an improved business result?

The planned handbook will in itself be an example of an affectively sustainable object. The medium is the message.

I will keep you updated on this exciting project!

Until then - communicate with me!

All the best