18 octobre 2011

What have I been up to since March 2010?

What have I been up to since March 2010? In spring I was part of the planning of the project Connecting Stockholm - an exhibition at the Museum of Architecture in Stockholm in September. The exhibition was created whilst exhibited by 'the human beings' making up Urban Nouveau, a group of young international architects with a vision: humanizing the built and planned environment. Connecting Stockholm explored the implementation of a new urban strategy for the Swedish capital: how to create a whole of the city... [Lire la suite]
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18 octobre 2011

Vision continued

18 October 2011   "Making Matters Matter to Man"It is now 19 months since I last reviewed my vision, see below. These months have seen little writing but much thinking and doing, se further under 008 What is new? My vision has not changed but rather been confirmed. The world of design has got its new buzz word: Design Thinking. This is not primarily 'thinking for design' but applying the thinking used by designers in other problem solving processes which do not concern the design of objects and buildings. Design... [Lire la suite]
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18 octobre 2011

Update: My Future Research

I promised you an update concerning the goal for my future research: the Handbook. (October 2011) This book is now under writing: "Making Matters Matter to Man". My research has opened a number of new 'doors' through which I have entered and found more knowledge and experience to add to the conclusions I have continouosly made since I finished my thesis. The book will be truly multi-disciplinary and also include conversations on relevant themes, involving professionals and researchers from a number of different fields. The issue... [Lire la suite]
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09 février 2010

Clear Village.

Clear Village,a foundation aiming at building a knowledge base concerning durable human living conditions and putting it to practical use in planning projects anywhere in the world.Anywhere implies lobbing through different bodies and professional events but also hands-on involvement in real life projects. I am since the beginning of this year a member of Clear Village's supporting Think Team. It is going to be an interesting journey, which I look very much forward to.Read more: www.clear-village.org
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09 février 2010

My consultancy.

Besides my research, I see a wide field of practical application oportunities for the knowledge and experience I have gathered and developed.Having spent most of my professional life outside academia, it feels very obvious to take a step back into the world of businesses and organisations as a consultant. Read my presentation:Presentation_of_Markona
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05 novembre 2008

My future research

Already in my doctorial thesis, I mentioned my intention of writing a handbook facilitating understanding by mentally visualising affective sustainability. Through a series of workshops, seminars and conferences I have had the opportunity to refine affective sustainability as a concept and further develop the characteristics of this quality and possible ways to arrive at these through design. This research is now entering its final phase with another series of workshops with practising designers and MA design students but also... [Lire la suite]
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