20 septembre 2011

"We are looking forward to some cool quotes!" Perspectives on Applied Ethnography

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01 février 2010

Meaning: Making sense also of non-sense.

Meaning: Making sense also of non-sense. Position paper presented at CEPHAD: The Borderland between Philosophy and Design Research, in Copenhagen, 26-29 January, 2010. CEPHAD_Borjesson
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01 novembre 2009

Sustainable revitalisation of places.

Sustainable revitalisation of places.How to avoid regeneration resulting in degeneration.Paper presented at the International Symposium: Revitalising Built Environments. Requalifying Old Places for New Uses arranged by iaps, CSBE Housing networks in Istanbul 12-16 October 2009.Co-author: Viktoria Walldin, White Architects, Stockholm.Sustainable_revitalization_of_places
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12 octobre 2008

Design & Emotion Conference 2008

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08 août 2008

'Undisciplined', DRS Conference 2008

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08 mars 2008

Cumulus Kyoto 2008, Japan

This paper will be part of the proceedings for Cumulus Kyoto 2008, March 28-31. The confusion concerning timelessness. Does the everyday interpretation of the notion at all promote sustainable living? Kristina Borjesson Prologue. This paper is mainly based on research conducted for my PhD project: The Affective Sustainability of Objects. (Borjesson 2006). Post-doctoral research including continued studies, workshops and seminars has since allowed for advanced conclusions. Introduction. Though... [Lire la suite]
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08 mars 2008

Article for Designboost 2007

To aim at the affectively sustainable is to look for the hidden obvious in an object. The limits of rational thinking? Most designers share at least one vision: to contribute to real development rather than to design merely another. My vision as a researcher is to provide designers with new or newly combined knowledge, which have a chance to facilitate their mission. Knowledge, in my meaning of the term, is also consciousness: to put in doubt and rethink as also to look beyond the rational, to see the potential of the... [Lire la suite]
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